Our Mission is to provide effective and efficient software solutions and consulting services to support non-profits and community-based organizations in the achievement of their goals.



We strive to support our customers as they serve their communities. With this approach, we have partnered with organizations for nearly two decades. Our team is comprised of highly-skilled, knowledgeable, and caring individuals who are personally driven to ensure our clients receive exceptionally effective services. 



FHASES was designed and developed by Son Information Systems in collaboration with safety-net providers and community-based organizations. Son Information Systems was established in 2001 as a response to a statewide need to manage the data and care coordination activities of the North Carolina Farmworker Program (NCFHP). The work and mission of NCFHP inspired Son Information Systems to design and develop FHASES as a pro bono project. Since 2001, we have partnered with statewide, regional, and community-based care coordination efforts by providing tools that advance the well-being of the communities our customers serve. FHASES is used by over half the federally-funding voucher programs across the United States as well as 21 organizations across 7 states. We maintain the spirit of the original initiative by providing enterprise-level technology at an affordable and flexible cost to non-profit organizations.




"HealthNet Gaston (HNG) is a collaborative care network focused on meeting healthcare needs and addressing social determinants of health. To enroll patients, document case manager, track referrals, and monitor health metrics requires a robust data system that is easy to use and can report outcomes. To meet our data needs, HNG uses FHASES. FHASES pulls data from other system into patient records for tracking and reporting purposes - saving untold hours of staff time. Social service agency partners can access FHASES, providing a fuller picture of patients needs and allowing for a deeper level of services for each patient." Donna Elliot, Executive Director, HealthNet Gaston


The Kansas Statewide Farmworker Health Program (KSFHP) assures access to primary health care services for low-income and medically underserved migratory and seasonal farmworkers. Through FHASES, KSFHP is now able to easily capture intake and demographics, eligibility, behavioral health assessments, and social determinants of health within our served population. We've collaborated with the Son IS team to create a custom code set that enables use to easily document, report on, and analyze our community health worker and health education services and referrals. The Son IS team also created a custom module within FHASES that integrates with our statewide billing system. We are now able to process medical and dental claims, capture and analyze client health services and diagnoses, and submit claims for provider reimbursement through a single system. The availability of real-time data shared across our statewide care management team has greatly improved our care coordination efforts and processes.  Cynthia Snyder, Program Director of Special Population Health, Kansas Statewide Farmworker Health Program 
Care Ring uses the FHASES application to support Physicians Reach Out, a program that coordinates over $17M in donated medical services for 4,000 low-income, uninsured residents of Mecklenburg County each year. We use FHASES to conduct program eligibility screening and enrollment, complete referrals to primary and specialty care physicians, document case management services and manage medicals claims for all donated services. Implementing FHASES has allowed us to streamline a variety of internal workflows and, most importantly, improve patient care. FHASES also has a seamless process for the collection of patient SDOH data, which has facilitated a workflow that expedites referral to case management services for high-risk patients. Since implementing FHASES we have increased program enrollment by 15%, in large part because of the improvements in data management and workflow facilitated by the application. We have decreased average wait-times for referrals to specialty medical services by 65 days while increasing specialty care referral volume by 20%. Son IS recently developed a claims import process for FHASES that allows us to import medical claims data into our patient records. Not only does this vastly improve our reporting capabilities related to utilization, but also allows us to quickly identify patients with multiple emergency department visits, expedite case management services to address problems and document process gaps.  Rebecca Palmer, Policy and Analytics Manager, Care Ring


Technology is impractical if it doesn't meet the specific needs of users. We take the time to understand each organization's mission and goals. Our team translates daily processes into efficient and effective technology solutions.


Data is a powerful tool and resource. We ensure each organization can efficiently and effectively capture their work, analyze their impact, and report on performance measures.


FHASES enables our customers to record and share the impact of their work. Our team is available to support organizations in clearly defining their goals and performance measures.