FHASES was created in response to a deficiency of affordable data management solutions for non-profit and community-based organizations. FHASES is a HIPAA-compliant, web-based application that provides customizable, centralized data management and reporting capabilities. Through on-going collaboration and feedback, we continually enhance FHASES by implementing new features, security best practices, and regularly updating federal reporting requirements. 



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Case Management and Health Education Encounters

Medical, Behavioral, and Dental Encounters

Medical and Dental Claims

Custom Diagnosis and Service Codes

Social Determinants of Health Tracking

Custom Survey and Screening Tools

Custom Reports and Analytics

Uniform Data Services (UDS) Reports

Eligibility & Enrollment Management

Referral Management

Task Management

Appointment Calendar

Community Resource Catalogs


Provider and Volunteer Managemen



We are dedicated to ensuring security and compliance for our customers. We maintain harded applications, servers, networks, and infrastructure required to operate secure, web-based applications. FHASES provides session logging, event logging, and audit trails. FHASES is exceptionally resilient and has never been breached. We host our servers on a private rack at a tier 4 data facility that provides continuous on-site security and engineer personnel, predictive monitoring, key-card and biometric hand scanner access, redundant electric utility power feeds, a private network, and complies with SOX, PCI DSS and HIPAA security requirements. 




We listen to our customers and understand less is more. FHASES has a simple and intuitive interface. Almost all new users are productive after a single 30-60 minute training session. FHASES is a tool to make your work easier and we continually update our application according to our community's feedback. 




FHASES' features meet the distinct needs of providing high-quality, community-based care and service coordination. We understand the value of not only attending to the health but the social and behavioral well-being of every patient. Within FHASES, case management, health education, dental, and behavioral health encounters are given the same focus as medical encounters. FHASES provides industry-standard coding terminologies as well as custom, user-defined codes. 





FHASES is continually enhanced through collaboration with Medical Providers, Case Managers, and Executive Managers of Community-Based Organizations and Health Centers. FHASES provides an IT solution as well as a venue for collobrative sharing of ideas and best practices within a community of Healthcare Providers, Care Managers, and Community Advocates.





FHASES has dozens customizable reports and powerful analytic capabilities (including UDS, CQM, Meaningful Use, Management, and History Reports). Our team has extensive experience with enterprise reporting and an understanding of the data needs of community-based organizations and grantees.






Technology is impractical if it doesn't meet the specific needs of users. We take the time to understand each organization's mission and goals. Our team translates daily processes into efficient and effective technology solutions.


Data is a powerful tool and resource. We ensure each organization can efficiently and effectively capture their work, analyze their impact, and report on performance measures.


FHASES enables our customers to record and share the impact of their work. Our team is available to support organizations in clearly defining their goals and performance measures.