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Your Work

FHASES models
Your Work

Managed Care
Hospital Care Coordination
Donated Care Networks
Project Access
Farmworker Health
Voucher Programs
Free Clinics
Community Health Work
FHASES protocols

Your Measures

Simple & Sophisticated
Data Collection

Case Management Encounters
Medical Claims & Encounters
Dental Claims & Encounters
Multiple Programs & Enrollment
Protocols (Pathways)
HIE & EHR Integrations
Codified Case Management
20+ Years of Enhancements
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Your Success

Visible & Measurable Outcomes

Funder Reporting
HRSA UDS Reporting
CQM Reporting
Collaboratively Designed
Improved Efficiencies
Continuous Improvement
FHASES success

Getting Started Overview

You Provide

  • Your organization's workflows
  • Your business processes
  • Your existing data
  • Your internal goals
  • Your selected measures

We Provide

  • Customized instance of FHASES (your domain)
  • Private enterprise database with only your data
  • Secure network infrastructure at a tier 4 data center
  • Excellent and personalized training
  • Responsive and enthusiastic support
  • Continuous system updates


  • We can migrate your existing data
  • We can integrate with EHRs, HIEs, etc.
  • Your patient data will NEVER be used for marketing
  • Your patient data will NEVER be sold
  • Your patient data is always yours!