Donated Care

Connect People to the Care They Need

The spirit of Donated Care Networks is simple - connect people to the care they need. We know that the work to create these connections is not that simple.

We partner with Donated Care Networks around the country - and they each use FHASES in their own way. We understand each community is unique and the outreach and case management strategies that effectively support each community vary.

We designed FHASES to be configurable and driven by the local staff who best know their community and processes.

Screening, Eligibility, & Enrollment

  • Your program sets the screening protocol
  • Your program sets the eligibility requirements
  • Print enrollment cards and referrals
  • Custom surveys and assessments
  • Easily manage enrollment expiration and renewal


  • Ease of use allows staff to focus on patients
  • Providers participate to their level of commitment
  • Track volunteer commitment annually
  • Map providers and their specialties
  • Customizable workflows (pathways) to follow your SOPs
  • Social determinants of health workflows

Data & Reporting

  • Foundation and funder specific reporting
  • Data, reports, dashboard, and analytics for patients, programs, and teams
  • Customized reports for cost savings and measured outcomes
  • Auditable reports - view or download the patients and encounters that determine your counts
  • Patient, encounter, and program analytics

Security & Compliance

  • Annual risk assessments
  • Enterprise infrastructure (hosted at tier 4 data center)
  • Private application/private database -
  • SLA - 99.9% uptime
  • Integrations (hospitals, HIEs, and state financial systems)