Managed Care

Innovative, Whole-Person Case Management

FHASES is the perfect solution for MCOs that need a platform to manage complex eligibility, service, reporting, and billing workflows.

Multiple programs can be used to create individualized care - emergency department diversion; substance abuse; supportive housing; resource navigation; and more.

Determine your goals, define your processes, and measure your success.

Programs & Protocols

  • Create multiple programs and payors for your system
  • Screen, determine eligibility, and enroll patients into one or more programs
  • Define processes and protocols to ensure your SOPs are followed
  • Protocols to track comprehensive time and effort used to achieve outcomes


  • Ease of use allows for quick onboarding of staff
  • Codified case management for streamlined billing
  • Quickly document outcomes and services provided
  • Customizable workflows (care plans) to follow your SOPs
  • Social determinants of health workflows

Data & Reporting

  • Data, reports, dashboards, and analytics for patients, programs, and teams
  • Customized reports for measuring health and cost outcomes
  • Auditable reports - view or download the patients and encounters that determine your counts
  • Patient, encounter, and program analytics

Security & Compliance

  • Annual risk assessments
  • Enterprise infrastructure (hosted at tier 4 data center)
  • Private application/private database -
  • SLA - 99.9% uptime
  • Integrations (hospitals, HIEs, and state financial systems)